Stilt Walking

UV and Glow

Skye The Balance Manipulator

Skills: Unicycling, juggling, bowling ball manipulation, comedy, rolla bolla, walking globe

With over 10 years roving experience this savvy character will take the audience on a balance bonanza, enthralling them with his unicycle, juggling, walking globe and bowling ball skills!

Bowling Ball: Skye can walk on top, juggle and even balance the bowling ball on his head! Best for indoor-carpeted events balling ball manipulation is a unique experience unseen to the rest of the world!

Walking Globe: You will look twice when Skye passes you at an event walking on top a 70cm high walking globe. This charismatic character has been know for fearlessly balancing while juggling and keeping guests entertained with his charming clowning.

Juggling: Sophisticated, sculptural, modern and artistic. By simply manipulating 3 balls, Skye becomes the perfect distraction at celebrations, corporate events and festivals!

Unicycle: Skye’s unicycling is clean, professional and highly skilled. Perfect for outdoor environments, watch Skye entertain guests with his plethora of exciting skills and comic roving antics!

A stylish, flexible and charming rover for any function.

Performance History:
Skye Gellmann started circus at the age of 10 and has performed in shows at many large festivals and events including the Come Out Youth Arts, Adelaide, and Adelaide Fringe Festivals. In 2006 Skye was awarded, Most Promising Male Actor, in the Melbourne Short and Sweet Festival while working with circus/physical theatre group, Les Etoiles Perdues.

Performed by: Skye Gellmann
Performances: All shows and roving characters by this artist.