Siren of the Sky

Performance Type: Aerial Roving or Show

Skills: Aerial net

Enter a charmed world where the sea meets the sky. A mystical enchantress lies in an aerial net suspended from the heavens. This atmospheric aerial piece will take your breath away as the talented Emma Shepherd performs entangling aerial feats suspended above her audience.

This mermaid inspired act is accompanied by finely tuned lighting and effects, with a stunningly mesmerising costume to match, “Siren of the Sky” will prove to be an amazing addition to any gallery or venue as an instillation art piece or standalone act for your next corporate event.

Performance Options
* 5 minute aerial net "show"
* Up to 30 minute aerial net "installation" (background aesthetic)

Performance Requirements
* 1 tonne (1000kg) rigging point
* 4.5m height
* Sound system

Performed by: Emma Shepherd

Promo Video: Video on Request