Simon Coronel

Skills: Magic, comedy, sleight of hand, illusion, card tricks

One of Australia’s leading Sleight-Of-Hand Artists, Simon blends classical illusion techniques with a modern and innovative style. He has performed internationally, winning multiple awards for his performances. Simon specialises in the art of pure sleight of hand: using bare hands, short sleeves and ordinary objects to create illusions that would normally need a sizeable special effects budget.

Experienced in performing for anything from five people through to five thousand, Simon specialises in customising each show to your specific event and venue. Simon is also available as a roving magician where he performs close-up magic while mingling with the audience, usually during pre-dinner drinks, or dessert and coffee.

Simon has 3 shows available depending on audience size:
Close-up Show: performing intimately for a small group of people. Exponentially more astonishing because of its close proximity to the audience, as well as its enhanced interactivity. For audiences up to 30 people.
Stand-up Show: bigger performance, designed to engage and amaze larger crowds. For audiences between 30 and 250 people.
Stage Show: A mix of material designed to play for larger crowds and venues. Depending on venue, may incorporate video projection technology and crew. For large audiences (250 people or more).
*All shows are approximately 25 minutes in length but can be longer or shorter if desired.

With a list of satisfied clients including Credit Suisse, VISY Industries, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals and the Boston Consulting Group, he's experienced in entertaining even the most sophisticated crowd.

Some of Simon’s awards include:
2nd Prize: 2006 Stage Magic Competition, Paris CFI Magic Convention
Winner: 2006 Close-Up Magic Competition, Australian Society of Magicians
(Third year running)

Performed by: Simon Coronel
Performances: All shows and roving characters by this artist.

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