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Picco the Clown

Performance Type: Roving or Show

Skills: Clowning, juggling, magic, free standing ladder, ballooning, object balancing, comedy

Picco the Clown is a lovable character and everyone loves a funny and loveable clown. With over 20 years performance experience and a wide range of skills including juggling, magic, object balancing, ballooning and more, this talented clown is the perfect children’s entertainer.

Some children can find clowns a little scary, so with this in mind, Picco designed his clown face make-up to be as non-threatening to children as possible.....after all 'clowning is about relationship'. Picco specializes in anything from private birthday parties to major corporate functions, offering some of the best entertainment in Melbourne.

* Picco the Clown is available as a roving entertainer, or a circus/magic stage show

About Troy Picone (“Picco the Clown”)

  • Troy Picone is a professional entertainer with over 20 years performance experience.
  • Troy is a highly trained multi skilled entertainer and a master of comedy.
  • Troy specializes in balloon artistry, magic/illusions, juggling, free standing ladder balancing, objects balancing, and has extensive experience working in front of a camera and live audiences.
  • Troy’s most famous character is Picco the Clown, but he also performs as Captain Handkerchief, a Keystone Cop, Picco the Clown Chef (magic cooking show), Reggie and Mr Piccoloon (specialised balloon artist).
  • Troy Picone has received 10 years of training from the worlds best (Moscow & Nanging) circus trainers.
  • Troy performed with the Fruit Fly Circus for over 10 years
  • Troy has also received puppetry training from Mal hope (Mixy the Rabbit on Feral T.V.)

Performed by: Troy Picone