The Balance Experience

Performance Details: 6 minutes, 1 performer

Skills: Rolla-bolla, handstands

Skye Gellmann, master balance artist, keeps the audience on the edge of their seats, while balancing atop his Rolla-Bolla!

During this world class act, Skye stands balanced and teetering on a board above stacks of rolling metal cylinders. A single misjudgement of equilibrium and the towers could come crashing down to the ground!

This is never the case though as Skye fearlessly creates different constructions and even does a handstand on three cylinders! At the end of the act Skye balances upon his most impossible stack of all, the five high of death!

A high impact, daring and stylish act exclusively by Australia’s balance specialist!

Performance History:
Skye Gellmann started circus at the age of 10 and has performed in shows at many large festivals and events including the Come Out Youth Arts, Adelaide, and Adelaide Fringe Festivals. In 2006 Skye was awarded, Most Promising Male Actor, in the Melbourne Short and Sweet Festival while working with circus/physical theatre group, Les Etoiles Perdues.

Performance Requirements:
Minimum 3m x 3m stage space
Minimum 4m ceiling height
Wooden floors preferred

Performed by: Skye Gellmann
Performances: All shows and roving characters by this artist.